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Cut To The Chase [Volume 12]: PPC News From The Desk of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

By Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenUT)

AdWords rolled out Conversion Import for Salesforce. While you should already be optimizing your accounts based on your CRM data, this nifty feature will better integrate that process into your workflow, and eliminate excuses for not using it. It’s not available for everyone, but will be by the end of 2016. Read More on PPC Hero>>

Siri is now on desktop. Apple also announced they will begin using Siri as a competitor to Alexa and Google assistant. While I am most excited about the potential to sync BI software with these tools (so in meetings, I can ask questions like, “what was the open rate for the June Cut to the Chase newsletter?” and get an instant response), Apple and Google pushing so hard into the voice search space coupled with the fact that over 20% of all searches are now voice searches, is a pretty strong signal that the future of Paid Search is voice. Read more on Search Engine Watch>>

Google Beefed Up Location Search with a new feature that allows advertisers to serve local specific ads in search or map results when a user searches with “near me” in their query. This will make it easier for large advertisers to balance creating foot and web traffic. Read More on PPC Hero.

Expanded Ads for Bing are rolling out in order to keep pace with Google. This was a “must” move, as having two ad formats between the engines means that folks are less likely to import campaigns over to Bing. Read More on PPC Hero>>

Bing Ads Editor for Mac is finally a thing! By now most folks use management platforms, have PC’s or simply used parallels, so they may be a bit late to realize a real benefit from the roll out. The best part is we’ll no longer hear echoes of “editor for Mac” when Bing asks the community for product feedback! Read More on Bing>>

Facebook Messenger to start getting ads. This is actually old news (February) but I missed it in that edition. It looks to roll out soon, and will allow advertisers to send an ad as a message to folks who have engaged with them through the app in the past. My guess – it will be super annoying, receive backlash and not last long. Read More on Tech Crunch>>

Ad Blocking to grow to 34% of users this year; that’s 70 million people. I have long said that I didn’t think ad blocking would be an issue by 2017/2018. This says that I am wrong, or at least that it’s going to get much rougher for display advertisers before blockers collapse. I’ve been wrong one time in the past, but am not changing my opinion, yet. Read More on AdAge>>

Brexit. It will be years before it has an impact, and many experts are saying that it won’t actually happen, but it’s the biggest global economic news since the crash in 2009, so it seems worthy of mentioning. The near-term is likely to be choppy for those that do business with/in the UK & broader EU. We have a conference in London in October and have to adjust plans (minor details, event still happening!) based on the Sterling Pound weakening. The folks at ad exchanger gathered the thoughts of 4 ad execs who discussed some potential implications. Read More on AdExchanger>>



Hanapin Marketing Announces New Partnership for In-House Paid Search Teams

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

Hanapin Marketing, an agency of digital marketing experts focused on PPC, announced today a new partnership for in-house PPC teams that offers agency resources and helps businesses deal with the complexities of paid search, paid social and performance display for less than it would cost to hire a new full-time employee.

“Over the last few years, we’ve had an increasing number of businesses with in-house PPC teams approach us for help. They are often seeking insights, additional analysis, and new strategies, as well as general help keeping up with the complexities of today’s PPC industry and its non-stop updates. However, the need for these specific agency resources falls outside the realm of a traditional management agreement. We developed this new program to help fulfill that need,” says Hanapin’s President, Jeff Allen.

The new In-House Partnership program is an ongoing, month-to-month retainer that allows in-house teams to have the flexibility, multi-account experience, and cross-industry intelligence of an agency without the high monthly fee often associated with a long-term commitment.

At $5,000 per month, it also allows for some limited production work – less than what it would cost to hire a full-time expert.

Courtney Goldstein, VP of Digital Marketing at Comcast may have stated the benefits of an agency best at this year’s Hero Conf Philadelphia. “For us, the most important thing an agency can give us, is benchmarking. What are all their other clients doing and seeing from click through rates? When Google removes the right hand rails, are our results unique or common? Knowing what everyone else is experiencing in your industry is really helpful as a gauge.”

More information about the In-House Partnership program can be found on the Hanapin Marketing website at

For more information about Hanapin, PPC Hero or Hero Conf, please contact Jamie Newton at 812-330-3134, ext. 145 or e-mail at


About Hanapin Marketing
Founded in 2004, Hanapin Marketing manages and optimizes clients’ paid search, paid social and performance display programs and is the agency of experts behind the international conference series Hero Conf, and industry-leading blog PPC Hero.


[Infographic] Back to School Success with Paid Search

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

Summer is here, which means now is the time to begin planning your back to school strategy. According to a Think with Google study, search interest for the “back to school” topic increased 66% from 2013 to 2015. More people are searching for back to school related items online, meaning you need to have a strong presence in order to capture and convert this traffic.

To help you prepare for the influx of search traffic and pave a path for success, we designed a beautiful infographic that displays a number of valuable tips. For the full whitepaper, download here.

Back to School Success with Paid Search Infographic


Cut To The Chase [Volume 11]: PPC News From The Desk of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

By Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenUT)

Attribution models are now available within AdWords for high volume advertisers. Attribution becomes more important as advertisers diversify marketing channels and consumers engage with content on more devices. The new tool is a good basic approach to attribution. The cool thing about it is it will automatically optimize bids based on the model you select, if you are using automated bidding. The downside is automated bidding isn’t always very good. Read More on PPC Hero>>

Facebook Lead Ads allow folks to engage with your ad on Facebook, get their contact information through a simple form, all while still on the Facebook app. They can then go back to watching videos of puppies. It’s a similar concept to what Twitter has, but includes better integrations with API’s and CRM’s with larger reach. Read more on PPC Hero>>

Voice Search is reaching inflection point. 20% of searches on Google are now voice queries: Read More on The SEM Post. Bing reports that 24% of their search queries are voice: Read More on surefire. In the short run, this is requiring new thinking on keywords, since voice searches use more natural and longer language. In the long run, this will lead us to keywordless search where you bid on intent, context, demographics, and psychographics.

Google announced Google assistant and Google Home at I/O. Assistant is the AI that will power devices like Home (much like Alexa powers the Amazon Echo). Assistant will get embedded in all sorts of IoT devices, which will start to understand us and what we’re asking for, eventually reading our minds and ordering what we want for dinner before we even realize what we want for dinner (probably not, but maybe). Read More on Google>>

Speaking of IoT (internet of things), it is projected to be a $4-$11 trillion market by 2025. The bulk of that value will be connected to factories and cities, but there will be plenty of advertising and sales opportunities amongst devices connected to people, retail operations, vehicles, and home appliances and devices. New strategies and ad formats will need to catch up with inventory, but it’s safe to say that smart companies like Google (see Google Home above) will figure out a way to get our ads placed in front of the right people on the right products. Read More on Atlas>>

Speaking of new ad formats I suggested that by the end of 2017, ad blocking won’t be a thing anymore (or at least not an important thing). The Washington Post just released a new ad format that loads super fast, is engaging, and allows folks to consume engaging and relevant ads and then go right back to what they were reading. Innovative ad formats like this are what will kill ad blockers (not putting up walls around content, if people enable ad blockers). Read More on the Wall Street Journal>>

Other new ad formats may include rumored expanded text ads that Hanapin can neither confirm nor deny. (*Sidenote – this was written right before the Google announcement, so I guess we can confirm that now!) Read More on Search Engine Land>>

Gboard brings images and gifs straight to your keyboard. They released an app for the iPhone that allows you to search through your keyboard, including finding gifs to annoy your favorite friends. The genius behind this is, it gets Google integrated into every social app you use. They are mitigating risk of folks shifting to Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat for information, and integrating themselves right into that experience. There are no ads in the search results, but there certainly will be within 12 months. Read More on Google’s Blog>>

Virtual Reality seems to be all the buzz right now. Marketing Land wrote an interesting piece on how it’s going to save the digital advertising industry. Which is interesting since digital budgets are growing as fast as ever. Doesn’t seem like the industry needs saving. Read More on Marketing Land>>

We released our Q1 2016 Search Marketing Report slast week. Ecommerce is seeing big ROAS gains and CPC’s aren’t skyrocketing as everyone keeps saying they are. Get the Report>>


Hanapin Marketing Releases New Search Marketplace Report for Q1

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

Hanapin Marketing, an agency of digital marketing experts focused on pay per click advertising, just released a new report that analyzes paid search activity during Q1 of 2016 and recognizes key trends impacting the search marketplace today. The report is based on the client spends managed at Hanapin Marketing and shares insights gathered from recent surveys collected on the popular industry blog, PPC Hero.

Key Findings:
• Mobile conversions are up 75% YOY, while clicks are up 40%. This is proof that users are not only searching for products on their phone, but also following through with a purchase
• Investments in Search are up 15% in Q1 2016 versus Q4 2015
• Paid search is showing strong returns for ecommerce companies
• CPCs are up +40% versus 2014
• Money is being pulled out of the Google Display Network and replaced by Programmatic and Facebook

“The biggest takeaway from this Industry Report is that, as platforms like Google and Bing continue to fine tune their ad products, advertisers are reaping the rewards of more sophisticated targeting. The overall outcome is more valuable customers and more revenue for advertisers that fully take advantage of paid search,” says Hanapin’s President, Jeff Allen.

The Q1 Search Marketplace will not be made public until Thursday, May 19th. To download, it is available online at:

For more information about Hanapin, PPC Hero or Hero Conf, please contact Jamie Newton at 812-330-3134, ext. 145 or e-mail at


About Hanapin Marketing
Founded in 2004, Hanapin Marketing manages and optimizes clients’ paid search, social and display programs and is the agency of experts behind the international conference series Hero Conf, and industry-leading blog PPC Hero. Hanapin Marketing’s core objective is to make everyone better at PPC: ourselves, our clients, our peers—the entire industry.