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[Infographic] 11 Red Flags To Look Out For When Working With A PPC Agency

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

Working with an agency can be a scary thing. It’s not always easy to know if the business relationship is working in a favorable manner. Transparency and good communication are virtues in any relationship, but especially for a relationship with an agency.

We’ve worked with a number of clients in a variety of verticals, and unfortunately, we’ve heard many “horror” stories from past clients, colleagues, and friends at Hero Conf that have found themselves in sticky situations with their agencies.

When you work with an agency, there are certain things you should keep an eye on. We’ve put together a pretty cool infographic to highlight some of those “red flags” you should be on the look out for and tips on how to remedy them quickly.

We also wrote an entire whitepaper about this that highlights 26 red flags and goes into more detail on why its problematic and how to avoid it or fix it. You can find that HERE.



Google & Bing Experts Join Hanapin for a New Ecommerce Webinar Panel!

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

It’s not often that you find Google and Bing working on the same project together, but Hanapin is thrilled to have experts from both joining us for a new webinar panel on ecommerce tips and tactics for the upcoming holiday season. The webinar panel, “Supercharge Holiday Sales with These Must-Have PPC Tactics” will take place this Thursday, August 18th at Noon EST.

Here’s who you’ll find on the Panel:

  • Purna Virji from Bing (PPC Hero’s #1 Most Influential PPC Expert in 2016)
  • Jose Rodriguez from Google (Shopping expert)
  • Matt Umbro from Hanapin (Founder of #PPCChat)
  • Carrie Albright from Hanapin (Hero Conf London speaker)

Did you know that 1 in 5 internet users have already started their holiday shopping?

Holiday sales are the ultimate chance for companies to boost profits and make it back into the black with paid search promotions. These experts are ready to divulge their secrets on what you absolutely need to have and how to make your paid search campaigns super successful this holiday season. You’ll get valuable tips you can use right away for your PPC campaigns.

You can expect PPC tips like:

  • How retail sales on smartphones are forecast to grow almost 50% in 2016 and what you need to have in your mobile campaigns to capture this audience
  • How to re-engage past customers. Learn pre and mid-holiday retargeting strategies for search, shopping, and display
  • Tools and features we’re most excited to see in action this season

 Don’t miss this awesome webinar panel with Google, Bing, and Hanapin.
Seats are limited, so register now!


Hanapin’s Industry Blog, PPC Hero, Launches New Site!

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

Bloomington, Indiana July 29, 2016 — PPC Hero, a popular industry blog written by the paidsearch team at Hanapin, launched a brand new site this week featuring a better navigation system with a mobile first approach. The new PPC Hero was redesigned amid feedback from readers and the Hanapin team. A number of new elements were added to make the experience more useful, as well as enjoyable.

Here’s a quick list of the new features:
• Mobile first to keep up with the ever-changing tech industry
• Sidebar on all posts has been removed, for more focus on the content
• Switched from a magazine-style format to a linear continuous scroll for easier reading and browsing
• Interactive Videos
• Better navigation to find resources and upcoming webinars

“PPC Hero was redesigned with our readers in mind. With the continuous scroll and removing the more distracting elements from our last site, we hope that users will find it easier to read, browse, and focus more on what’s important – the high quality content written by our team of experts” stated Hanapin’s Senior Graphic Designer, Megan Stout.

You can see the original PPC Hero post about the new site launch at

For more information about Hanapin, PPC Hero or Hero Conf, please contact Jamie Newton at 812-330-3134, ext. 145 or e-mail at


About Hanapin Marketing
Founded in 2004, Hanapin Marketing manages and optimizes clients’ paid search, paid social and performance display programs and is the agency of experts behind the international conference series Hero Conf, and industry-leading blog PPC Hero.


Cut To The Chase [Volume 13]: PPC News From The Desk of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

By Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenUT)

The New PPC Hero site is live! We’ve cleaned up the site dramatically and taken a mobile first approach. Check out the PPC Hero site>>. We have also ungated all our White Papers, Case Studies and Toolkits (no more entering email to download the vast majority of our content) in the Resource Library on our Hanapin Marketing website. Hanapin Marketing Resource Library>>

Google Data Studio Studio is a cool new way to create dashboards for AdWords & Analytics data. It’s easy to use and customize. The big downside to it, is its Google centric. Adoption will be weak, but still fun to play around with and use if AdWords drives a huge portion of your spend/conversions. Read more on PPC Hero>>

The ANA released its Media Transparency report. It’s meant for large agencies, that hide fees, don’t share kick-backs, and use contracts as a defense mechanism instead of doing the right thing by clients. It’s alarming that agencies still operate this way, but they do. Hopefully this helps shed light on some pretty shady practices. Read More on ANA.

Verizon bought Yahoo! for $4.8b. It’s a whimpering end to the once search giant. Verizon is trying to become a media player, but still lags behind Google and Microsoft, likely meaning search volume and marketing dollars will continue to erode over the next decade. Read More on Reuters>>

Google has made a change to Shopping Campaigns. Focusing more on groupings by brand, that take you an expanded product list (still within Google) and then you only pay if the user then clicks a product and goes to your website. It feels like an attempt to remove the comparison shopping component of shopping ads, which drives down revenue for advertisers, and thus drives down CPC for Google. Read More on PPC Hero>>

Google is killing “Converted Clicks,” which means the conversions it will report will now include cross-device (based on their algo & logged in user tracking). While it’s likely to more fairly represent Google’s impact for advertisers (since just converted clicks underestimates the value), the shift will remove people’s control over how they view and measure marketing performance. Outside of cross-device, you will have flexibility in what you consider a conversion. It’s going to be very important to think through your settings for this metric before September. Read More on Search Engine Land>>

Governments requested user data 40,000 times in the second half of 2015. That’s an insane number, and 64% were reported to result in some information being shared. Read More on Search Engine Land>>



PPC Hero Recognizes 3 Hanapin Experts in its 2016 edition of The Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

Earlier today, PPC Hero released its annual list of the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts of 2016. The newest edition is released every summer and honors some of the hardest workers in the PPC community.

Normally, Hanapin employees are not eligible for the list since they are the owners, writers, and creators of PPC Hero, however, this year it was decided to score any employee that received votes as every other nominee. Much to our delight, 2 of our employees would have made the Top 25 list (listed as Honorable Mentions), and 1 made the Rising Stars list!

Here’s who made it:

Top 25 list

  1. Matt Umbro, Senior Account Manager, Community
  2. Carrie Albright, Associate Director of Services

Rising Star

  1. JD Prater, Senior Account Manager, Paid Social

Major congrats to our Hanapin employees that made the list.  Keep up the great work!

Want to see the entire list? Check out the original article on PPC Hero!