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Small Indiana Business Expanding Nationwide with the Help of a PPC Agency

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

24-hour emergency dental clinic hires PPC agency to help expand their reach

Bloomington, Indiana, March 13th, 2017 – Let’s be honest, no one loves a visit to the dentist office. Dental bills can be astronomical and in the case of a dental emergency, it might take days or even weeks for a dental professional to carve out the time to see you. However, in the heart of Indiana, 24 Hour Dental Care has come to the aid of many Hoosiers who are looking for immediate dental care for an affordable price.

24 Hour Dental Care is quickly moving from a small business in Indianapolis, to a large-scale operation across the nation, and they have partnered with Hanapin Marketing, an industry-leading digital marketing agency, to aid them in their paid search efforts.  With two clinics located in Indianapolis and two to come in 2017, 24 Hour Dental Care’s vision is to offer 24-hour emergency care to all, no matter their financial circumstances, in more areas in Indiana and multiple states across the country.

“24 Hour Dental Care has found a really great niche in the dental industry by focusing on night time care at an affordable price. We have no doubt they will be successful in their scaling aspirations and we are excited to be offer them the expertise they need to expand their reach and grow their business as quickly as needed,” said Hanapin Marketing President, Jeff Allen.

Founded by Dean Stratman, DDS, in 2014, 24 Hour Dental Care serviced 600 patients in one month simply through word-of-mouth. With Hanapin working alongside with them, they hope to see their patient list grow exponentially and to continue to serve a wider range of people. Hanapin will fully manage their paid search through Google AdWords.

“Our partnership with Hanapin Marketing has been a blessing from the start. With our ever-growing patient demand and rapid expansion aspirations, Hanapin Marketing has allowed our team at 24 Hour Dental Care to focus on what we do best — take care of our patients,” said Founder, Dean Stratman.

Word-of-mouth has helped 24 Hour Dental Care to gain some traction locally, but by optimizing their paid search efforts, Hanapin can help 24 Hour Dental Care receive some recognition on a more national level and connect them to areas that do not know their business but have a strong interest in their services.


About Hanapin Marketing
Founded in 2004, Hanapin Marketing manages and optimizes clients’ paid search, social and display programs and is the agency of experts behind the international conference series Hero Conf, and industry-leading blog PPC Hero. Hanapin was recently named one of the Best Places to Work in Media and Advertising by AdAge and named as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for the 5th year in a row.

About 24 Hour Dental Care
Founded in 2014, 24 Hour Dental Care provides 24-hour emergency care for any and everyone.  Their goal is to give convenient, affordable, and quality dental care without charging nighttime premiums to those with or without dental insurance.  They offer an array of different services from dental extraction to wisdom teeth removal and even offer a Dental Discount Plan in the form of an annual membership for those who do not have insurance.  Over the next few years, 24 Hour Dental Care is looking to expand nationally.

To learn more about Hanapin Marketing, please contact Jamie Newton at 1-800-392-3886, ext. 145 or e-mail at


Hanapin Marketing Named in Top 100 Best Places to Work in Indiana

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

Bloomington, Indiana, February 28th, 2017 – Fresh off being named one of the Best Places to Work in Media and Advertising by AdAge in November 2016, Hanapin, an industry-leading digital marketing company, has made the list of the top 100 best places to work in Indiana for the fifth consecutive year.

“We’ve worked very hard to provide a supportive and unique culture to help employees thrive. We continually evaluate our policies and employee feedback to build a progressive workplace, introducing new beneficial programs like our “Get Healthy” initiative, launched in 2016. We’re humbled and proud that for 5 straight years, we’ve made the Indiana Chamber’s list of Best Places to Work. As an HR professional striving to create the best culture possible, one of the greatest rewards is knowing that our employees appreciate our efforts and are happy, as confirmed by their votes and this recognition” says Rebecca Reott, Hanapin’s Director of HR.

The Indiana Chamber, partnered with the Best Companies Group, who selects the recipients of this award, determines which workplaces make the list by going through employer reports and comprehensive employee surveys.

Hanapin has continually been a progressive company in both workplace culture and employee benefits since launching in 2004. An excellent employee training program, as well as an award-winning Management Training Program results in an 88% retention rate. Recent initiatives include the “Get Healthy” program, which employees can use for contagious illnesses and are able to take paid time off for up to two consecutive days, without it deducting from current PTO hours for an unlimited amount of times throughout the year.

“I started with Hanapin in 2013, excited to be employed at a place dedicated to company culture. While it was great back then, the dedication of our leadership team to listen to feedback, look for patterns, and find solutions that work, has resulted in a better workplace, even as we’ve grown bigger. It is more than just making sure we as employees are happy—it is ensuring we are engaged in the work we do and engaged with our coworkers,” said Lauren Rosner, a Senior Production Specialist.

On May 2nd, the Indiana Chamber will host a dinner where they recognize the winners of this award and announce the rankings for those who made the top 100.

Hanapin will be hiring for digital advertising and administrative positions throughout the year. Interested applicants may apply online.

For more information about Hanapin, please contact Jamie Newton at 812-330-3134, ext. 145 or email at

About Hanapin Marketing
Founded in 2004, Hanapin Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing company that focuses on pay-per-click advertising. Awards include making the Inc 5000 list for 3 consecutive years, named as one of the Best Places to Work in Media and Advertising by Ad Age in 2016, and recognized as the 7th Best Place to Work in Indiana in 2016. Hanapin manages and optimizes clients’ paid search, social and display programs and is the agency of experts behind the international conference series Hero Conf, and industry-leading blog PPC Hero.


Hanapin Marketing Awarded Indiana Training Grant to Assist in the Creation of 14+ High-Wage Jobs

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

Bloomington, Indiana, February 1st, 2017 – 2017 is looking to be the year of economic and workforce growth for Indiana, and Bloomington has eagerly jumped in to aid the Hoosier state in its efforts. Hanapin Marketing, an industry-leading digital marketing agency, will create 14+ new high-wage jobs by 2019 with the assistance of a newly awarded training grant from the state of Indiana.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) offered Hanapin Marketing up to $150,000 in training grants based on the company’s job creation plans. The grant, which will come through the IEDC’s Skills Enhancement Fund, is geared specifically toward increasing the skilled workforce in Indiana by helping create quality new jobs. The city of Bloomington also supports the project at the request of the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation.

“Hanapin continuously seeks hard-working, dedicated Hoosiers, and this grant will allow us to make an even more valuable impact on local job growth and skills acquisition. It is through learning and development efforts facilitated through this grant, that we hope to bring additional skills and intellect to the Indiana workforce,” said Hanapin’s Director of HR, Rebecca Reott.

The Skills Enhancement Fund will cover around 50% of training costs in order to support increased capital investment. The IEDC’s grant to Hanapin Marketing will run for a two-year period and it will help cover training and training-related expenses for employees.  It will also allow Hanapin to seek higher-quality, role-specific training that would have otherwise not been possible.

Hanapin Marketing’s growth comes as Indiana grows as a national leader in the technology industry, offering a substantially lower cost of living and doing business than other technology hubs such as Silicon Valley. According to data from CBRE, the average commercial office in Indiana costs 76 percent less than it would it New York and 70 percent less than it would in San Francisco. With its stable business climate, Hoosier companies can invest with confidence and hire more Hoosiers from the state’s skilled, loyal and growing base of tech talent.

With the grant taking effect starting this year, Hanapin expects to see serious growth in skills & continuing growth in employment.

For more information about Hanapin, please contact Jamie Newton at 812-330-3134, ext. 145 or email at

About Hanapin Marketing
Founded in 2004, Hanapin Marketing manages and optimizes clients’ paid search, social and display programs and is the agency of experts behind the international conference series Hero Conf, and industry-leading blog PPC Hero. Hanapin was recently named one of the Best Places to Work in Media and Advertising by AdAge and named as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for the 4th year in a row.


Facebook Automation Tools that Make Managing Your Ads Easier

Chadd Powell | Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing | @ChaddPowell


It’s being discussed everywhere from self-driving cars to Bing’s Associate Account Manager in a Box. While some fear it and others welcome it, it’s already been around us in the digital marketing space for a while.

If you’ve created automated PPC reports, used automated bidding rules, or ever relied on things like targeted CPA, you’ve been utilizing pieces of automation already.

While automation is getting more advanced and more available, it’s not a new concept and all advertising platforms offer differing levels of it to marketers.  Facebook is no different.

What follows are 3 easy ways that automation in Facebook can help you manage your ad accounts and free up time.

Automated Bidding

Automated bidding in Facebook operates like most other advertising platforms. You make some overall choices about how you want the bidding algorithm to operate and then set it in motion.

Keep in mind that those initial decisions are very important to the functioning of the algorithm and you’ll need to understand your options.


The two biggest choices you’ll make other than choosing automatic is picking the optimization goal and conversion window. Depending on your campaign goals, you’ll pick the option that best suits your needs.

Trying to drive traffic? Optimize to clicks. Want to get conversions? You better choose conversions. Facebook’s algorithm is good at understanding who will click and convert, so don’t think that by picking clicks you’ll get traffic and lots of conversions.

Perhaps the most important choice is choosing the proper conversion window. For this decision, you’ll need to know how likely people are to convert within 1 day or 7 days. If you pick 1 day and people often take 3-5 days, the algorithm is going to be optimizing off the wrong time window and making suboptimal decisions.

If you don’t want to go full automatic, you also have the option of choosing an average or max CPA you want Facebook to optimize toward. Just be careful as the more restrictions you put in place the more restrictive the algorithm is going to be about bidding and placing ads.

Automated Rules

Automated rules are a recent addition to Facebook that gives you options on automating certain functions within your ads account.

As an extensive user of AdWord’s rules, it was a welcome addition to see these added to Facebook. While the rules aren’t quite as robust, they do provide for some general reporting and other housekeeping duties that we might want to perform in an account.Screen-Shot-2017-02-14-at-5.03.55-PM-506x460

The focus of the rules right now is around bidding and budgeting. You can set where you want the rule to apply (campaign, ad set, etc.), what you want the action to be (adjust budget for example), and the condition that triggers that action. You can then have it email you when the rule is triggered.

A rule that is useful in remarketing is raising or lowering daily budgets based on frequency. As we don’t have a strict frequency control when running daily budgets (versus lifetime budgets), frequency can get a bit out of control depending on your remarketing list size and your daily budget.

So, we might do the following:

  • Action: Decrease daily budget by 5%, minimum daily budget $50
  • Conditions: Frequency greater than 3, last 7 day time range, and a standard attribution window
  • Frequency: Rule operates daily at 12:00AM
  • Notification: On Facebook and by email

Now the account has a rule to help us keep weekly frequency at a determined amount in our remarketing campaign by adjusting our daily budget (while setting a hard minimum budget we can’t go below).

Split Testing

The most recent addition to Facebook is split testing. It’s so recent that it hasn’t shown up in all ad accounts yet, but it’s main aim is to allow a true split test within your account on audience, delivery optimization, or placements.


You can test the same creative on two different audiences or test two different optimization goals (clicks vs conversions) to see which one truly yields the best results. If you don’t trust Facebook’s automatic placements, you could run a test where you choose some custom placements and see how it compares to Facebook’s automatic placements.

It’s such a new tool that there isn’t a ton of info out there on it, but I find the ability to do proper split testing on audiences to be the most intriguing.


Try using these three Facebook automations and see how they might help you better manage your ad account and save time.


Increasing Customer Interaction Through Facebook Messenger

Cassie Oumedian | Associate Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing | @cass_oumedian

Facebook introduced two ways for advertisers to expand reach and increase engagement:

  • Messenger as News feed destination
  • Sponsored Messages

As more advertisers are coming in for a piece of the Facebook pie, the platform has found it necessary to open up additional ad placements opportunities for advertisers, including: The Audience Network, Instagram, and now Messenger. With over 1 billion people currently on Messenger, it opens up a whole new inventory for Facebook advertisers to interact and engage with their customers.

Who Should Use Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger ads are great for advertisers that are looking to re-engage with a specific group of people, build brand awareness, and have users interact with their bot. Over 30,000 bots have gone live on Messenger with millions of other businesses responding to messages manually through their Facebook Page.

Big brand companies that have seen success with Facebook Messenger ads include Disney’s Zootopia where they used Messenger ads to allow fans to chat with the movie’s creator. The NBA used a bot on Messenger to provide instant access to highlights for NBA finals and drafts for fans.

Some other potential strategies for using Messenger could include:

  • Share deals and offers
  • Drive awareness of new products or services
  • Encourage bot re-engagement

Messenger As A Destination For News Feed Ads

Messenger as a destination for News Feed Ads is a new feature available globally that allows advertisers to show ads in the News Feed for desktop and mobile where all clicks on the ad will directly open up a Messenger thread. Running website click ads with Messenger as a destination allows businesses to reach specific groups of people to interact with your bot. This is a great way to measure and promote your presence on Messenger.


How To Build A Messenger As Destination Ad

  • Ads can be built in Ad Manager or Power Editor
  • Determine ad format (carousel, single video, single image, slideshow)
  • Choose Messenger as your destination – placement (ad set level). The Messenger icon will be added to the call-to-action button, letting people know that a click or tap will open Messenger.
  • Select any of the existing call-to-action text options, including “Send Message.”
  • Define a customized greeting for people who click or tap on your ad. Create this message text to provide users with additional guidance and functionality on how to proceed with the conversation in Messenger.
  • Choose your targeting as you would for any other ad on Facebook.
    Here are some tips for messaging

Sponsored Messages

Sponsored Messages are an ad type that allows advertisers to re-engage people who have had conversations with their business within the last 6 months. These ad formats allow advertisers to:

  • Send targeted updates
  • Information about promotions
  • Reminders and other relevant messages

These ads are available through Power Editor or the Ads API. Advertisers will be able to target all open conversations or create a new custom audience based on page-scoped ID.

Facebook Recommendations

  • Audience size is greater than 50 people
  • Exclude segments based on demographics or Facebook pixel events
  • Plan to be active and responsive once you have re-engaged customersFB_Mess_Ad-e1486076436980

How Sponsored Messages Work

  • Objective: Select “traffic” or “conversions”
  • Placement: Edit Placements > Messenger. You are only able to run sponsored messages on Messenger; therefore no other placements will be available.
  • Targeting: Your total potential audience will be people who have messaged your business in the past 6 months. You will also be able to create a new custom audience based on page-scoped ID. Exclude segments based on demographics or Facebook pixel events.
  • Bidding: Only CPM available. Local minimum bid varies by country and will be noted within Power Editor. Impressions will count when a person sees the message in their inbox and will not be charged multiple times if the user re-opens their inbox
  • Creative: Single image ad with a headline, sub-text, and call-to-action (CTA). Recommend image size of 1200 x 628.


 If you have a business that is looking for innovative ways to re-engage with customers on a platform that is not overly saturated, Facebook Messenger ads may be for you! Give them a try and let us know what other strategies work for you.