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[Infographic] 10 Mandatory Mobile Ad Copy Tips for Everyone

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

In a study done by Google, 88% of conversions triggered by a mobile search happened within 5 hours of performing the search. 55% within one hour. Mobile strategy is about being in the moment with your target audience. It is about being quick and efficient. It is about solving problems and answering questions. In a Google-conducted survey, 59% of people surveyed found mobile ads to be useful.

At Hanapin, we know how important mobile is to your PPC strategy, but how difficult it can be to find that secret sauce to a strategy’s success. We’ve put together a beautiful infographic to showcase 10 tips that are mandatory for your mobile ad copy (if you don’t do anything else at all for mobile, do these!).

7 Graduate PPC Tips for the Education Marketer


Cut To The Chase [Volume 10]: PPC News From The Desk of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

By Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenUT)

Double counting sales (for desktop) in AdWords is a thing of the past. You can now customize your conversion code to pull in a confirmation ID, thus ensuring if someone heads back to the confirmation page to check on the details of their order, they are not double counted. The fact AdWords is making this change makes me think the number isn’t too significant (imagine the revenue they could lose if it turned out they were double reporting on 20-30% of your conversions!), but a good step to take to safeguard data integrity. Read More>>

AdWords is testing a Green “Ad” tag against the current color. I say current color, because I see orange, but others see “amber”. 311 is going to be pretty bummed if Green wins. Read More>>

The Third Wave is a great book about the future of the Internet (which has already started). The basic idea is that it won’t be about the Internet of things, it will be the Internet of everything. Want proof? There’s a company tagging clothing with unique web ideas to, “ enable new ways for consumers to connect and interact with clothing.” Why? Read More>>

400 Marketers were surveyed, and said the best performing channel for lead generation and direct sales is paid search. This is interesting considering all the buzz about Facebook, their mobile audience and the engagement performance marketers are seeing. I believe the reason for this is Facebook tends to have softer metrics than direct transactions, leading to AdWords still being considered the king. Read More>>

comScore data came out for March. Google owns 5 out of 7 of the top Apps, with Facebook owning the first two spots. And Google sites have more than double the number of video viewers of Facebook. Facebook has been pushing video hard, and this data shows just how far they still have to go. Although, Live Video on Facebook just came out, so perhaps we see that gap close faster? Read More>>

Mobile Paid Search is dominated by Google. Merkle reports that 95 cents out of every dollar spent on mobile paid search ads was spent with Google. It’s a surprising number since Bing reports 30%+ share of search. Of course, that 95% is based on Merkle’s data and may mean they do a poor job of expanding and optimizing Bing. Or it could be that Bing mobile traffic isn’t converting for most folks, so they are optimizing out of it. Read More>>

In February, Snapchat released on-demand geofilters for promoting events, parties, weddings, etc. Advertising has been limited within the platform but folks trying to target the 21-34 demographic are chomping at the bit to start marketing on it. We’re testing out this feature at Hero Conf this week and are eager to see what engagement looks like within a group of digital marketers. Read More>>

87% of folks that use Pinterest say it helped them make a purchase decision. Yikes! That’s a lot of money moving around. It also supports my point-of-view that there is no longer a traditional funnel, but rather a complicated journey that customers (and business decision makers) take before they ultimately make a purchase. Read More>>

Alphas. We were invited into two new AdWords releases this week. One is going to be huuuuuge. Game changing. Well, maybe that’s too far, but very excited to see the impact. The other will help with attribution, and if it works like they say it will, many companies will become much more sophisticated, overnight. Sorry, NDA means I can’t share any details.



[Infographic] 7 Graduate PPC Tips for the Education Marketer

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

It probably comes as no surprise to you that in this fast paced world, users who want to continue their education start their initial research on the Internet. Out of all the users that are seeking additional education, per Google, 25% never look outside of the Internet. Out of all of the education related searches, only 20% actually lead to a conversion. With the industry still growing at a rapid pace, advertisers have the daunting task of being as efficient as possible while persuading users to enroll in their courses.

At Hanapin, we manage client accounts in the education industry and know how important it is to make a solid impression online. Below, you’ll find a beautiful and valuable infographic with 7 tips to increase your efficiency and ensure that you are targeting the right and most qualified demographics for your education PPC account.
7 Graduate PPC Tips for the Education Marketer


Cut To The Chase [Volume 9]: PPC News From The Desk of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

By Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenUT)

Google removed side ads (for desktop) and all the PPC folks went crazy. There are now up to 4 ads above the organic listings and another 3 below the listings. Many folks thought that CPC’s were going to skyrocket. There were even talks of how this was going to put SMB’s out of business. What we saw was a slight uptick in CPC in highly competitive verticals, and flat CPC’s in other areas. It’s still early, and folks that pay less attention to their accounts than we do might jump in once they realize they are losing volume and start bidding up the marketplace. Jacob “Juice” Brown wrote a great post on how to visualize the impact on your account: Read More>>

Mobile and Desktop SERPs are getting more and more similar. The above move was likely to create a more consistent user experience across devices. To continue this effort, Google is testing a carousel approach to Product Listing Ads on desktop. Also, when you search for “top” or “best,” Google is adding rankings to the products. This is going to widen the gap between top sellers and long-tail as users aren’t likely to click and buy something ranked 5th , but will for a similar price as the #1 product. Read More>>

Bing Ads is testing social extensions. The extension is the social site logo and links to a brands social page. The idea is to increase engagement and leverage your social channels. The problem – this diverts people from going to your site and buying from you. I think this is an attempt to use social proof during the sales funnel, but I believe people get distracted too easily for it to improve results. Read More>>

Bing rolling out native ads in MSN. These are similar to what Yahoo does for their properties, but MSN claims to have better engagement and thus Microsoft is hopeful to drive better advertiser ROI. We’ve seen mixed results for Yahoo, but when it works, it’s very scalable. Read More>>

New Algorithm from Instagram tells you what you care about. Instagram has changed their feeds from a sequential timeline to an algorithm. This is bad news for organic engagement, which has already been getting pummeled, but good news for advertisers, since they are likely to get prime real estate in the shuffle. Read More>>

Facebook live streaming for events is rolling out. In it’s most simple application, you can do a Periscope-esque livestream of an event. There are rumors that Facebook is working on deals with major league sports organizations to stream games on the app. The most appealing aspect of this, is that the livestream goes to the top of users feeds. Read More>>

Hero Conf is about a month away! The world’s largest PPC only conference will be in Philly this year from April 25th to 27th. Check out the schedule: Learn More>>



[Infographic] Top Ten PPC Tips for the Travel Marketer

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

The modern day travel agent, better known as the consumer, is as informed as ever with an abundance of research tools at their fingertips. This change within the travel industry provides an excellent opportunity for search marketers. Much like travel, PPC is all about arriving in the right place at the right time.

At Hanapin, we realize how complicated and competitive it is for the travel industry to reach this ideal customer. We’ve created a beautiful infographic with 10 actionable tips that’s a great resource and guide for all travel marketers.

Top Ten PPC Tips for the Travel Marketer