November 8th, 2016

Meet Up with Some of the Hanapin Team Members This Month!

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

The Hanapin team regularly attends and speaks at events and conferences around the world. For the month of November, we’ll have team members at Inbound in Boston, SMXL in Milan, and State of Search in Dallas. Whether you want to talk PPC strategies, how we work with current clients, our marketing processes or who our favorite Walking Dead character is, our team is always up for a good discussion. So if you happen to be at any of these events, please reach out to our team members via Twitter!

INBOUND | Boston, MA| Nov. 8th – 11th

Hanapin’s Sales Development Coordinator, Jessica Viviano, (@Vivnesss) and Marketing Coordinator, Bonnie Pogorelc [Poe-gore-else] (@bonpogorelc) will be in Boston for the Inbound Conference, Tuesday, November 8th – Friday, November 11th.





SMXL MILAN | Milan, Italy | Nov. 9th

Associate Director of Services, Jeff Baum, (@jeffbaum71) will be speaking on “Riding the Micro-Moments Wave” at SMXL Milan Wednesday, November 9th. For this session, you’ll get a unique perspective form both paid search and paid social about how to win little moments along your customers’ path from engagement to conversion.





STATE OF SEARCH | Dallas, TX | Nov. 15th

Founder of #PPCCHAT and Senior Account Manager, Matt Umbro, (@matt_umbro) will be speaking on one of his favorite subjects, ad customizers, at State of Search on Tuesday, November 15th. The topic is “Fun With Ad Customizers” and he’ll show you how easy they are to set up and review sample use cases. He’ll also dig deeper into advanced strategies.






We’re always up to something, so if you want to keep up with our speaking gigs and events, stay tuned to our Events page.