January 27th, 2016

Cut To The Chase [Volume 7]: PPC News From The Desk of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

By Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenUT)

Google Says Go Broad Match and you’ll get twice as many conversions from long-tail keywords. That’s what they’re saying in a recent report. It tries to convince us to not just build millions of exact match keywords, but rather condense your keyword list through broad match targeting. Are they right? I am actually a very big fan of broad match. Specifically for lead gen and high, high ticket item products. My issue tends to be poor ROI on low margin products or when a product or service has a lot of overlap with non-relevant products (think about the difference in intent between the search terms “Debt Settlement” and “Business Debt Settlement”). Still, I think for a lot of products, PPC account managers are too stingy with the phrase and broad match. Read More>>

Bing Ads now power AOL. It’s been a long time since it was announced that this was happening, but it’s actually live. It adds about a point to Bings market share, although, you’d have to ask yourself if searchers on AOL are in your target demo (they might be!). Read More>>

Competitor Campaigns in Paid Search can be a good defensive move, and can bring in high-quality, bottom of the funnel traffic. Our own Chadd “Chudd” Powell came up with a way to utilize a similar targeting strategy, through Facebook. Read More>>

“The Big Football Game” (because trademark infringement is bad) commercials see 2.2x more online viewers, if they release their ads online before the game. Can those of us without millions of dollars for one ad learn from this? I think so. Capturing the moment of any event or new story really means being ahead of it. If you make your content, products, and offers available before launching campaigns, it can build up some awareness and increase CTR’s once it’s time to really push. Read More>>

Ad Block Plus got kicked out of a major industry event last week, or rather, uninvited after paying for a ticket (no, it wasn’t Hero Conf. Ad Block Plus is welcome to attend our event). Publishers and ad blockers are souring on each other, even though as I’ve said before, a year or two from now this won’t really matter. Read More>>

Publishers have started blocking users using ad blocking software. They are either putting content behind a paywall, or flat out refusing to show the user content. For one site, the difference was 30% of folks using ad blockers down to 3% almost immediately after the switch. Here’s a story about Forbes path to trying to make peace with users. Read More>>