October 28th, 2015

Cut To The Chase [Volume 4]: PPC News From The Desk of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

By Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenUT)

Yahoo Gemini hasn’t been a big success. Outside of causing a lot of confusion, its also being directly blamed for a slowdown in YoY US Paid Search spend. The growth rate is 12%, with Mobile making up over half of that volume. Read More >>

Ad Viewability is the talk of the town. 46% of ads on the Internet are not actually seen by anyone. For performance marketers, who pay by the click and measure by the conversion, this isn’t a very big deal since you optimize for what drives revenue, but there are still some folks out there who buy display on a CPM basis, who are probably paying twice as much as they should. Read More>>

The ability to take action within SERPS continues to grow. Google has rolled out its Hotel Ads program to more hotel chains, which allows users to book hotels on their mobile device right from SERPS. Google continues to push towards allowing people to get their information and take the actions they want without ever visiting your website. Read More>>

Ad Blocking software is getting more popular with now 200 million users globally. The good news is that the Internet makes its money off advertising, so we’ll all find a way to adjust. The bad news is that volume (especially display & programmatic) will be impacted while we do. Read More>>

Customer Match is one of the coolest, ambitious tools Google has released in some time. It more or less mirrors Facebook’s Custom Audience tool, which has been very profitable for a lot of businesses. With Customer Match, you upload a list of your email addresses and then you can target those users through YouTube, Gmail and Search Retargeting with text, image and even video ads. You could use this to target newsletter subscribers that haven’t bought from you yet, upsell to people that have bought from you, or create a cohort audience based on your highest value customers. Read More>>

Wondering what products you should start selling? Google now offers a Shopping Assortment Report where they will show you popular products that you aren’t selling (by looking at your shopping feed). It seems to be more relevant for very large businesses that can afford to expand its products to adjacent lines as recommendations tend to be pretty broad (if you sell flower bulbs it may recommend you sell gardening tools). Read More>>


Same account spend was flat MoM. Travel, Events and Industrial Supplies saw the largest gains while Retail and Business Services saw the largest declines.

Retail accounts with limited product lines are seeing an increase in CPC’s and lower conversion rates. Several detailed looks at Auction Insights shows much of this can be attributed to increased competition.

Education is going strong. We’re seeing YoY gains in terms of leads and lower CPL, especially with phone calls from mobile devices.