September 26th, 2016

Cut To The Chase [Volume 15]: PPC News From The Desk Of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

Adblock Plus drama. Last month Adblock Plus announced they were going to replace ads that they are blocking with “better” ads. The publisher “gets” to sign up for the program and collect revenue, which I guess is good. However, Adblock Plus did this without talking to Google, which is where they claim they were going to get the ad inventory from. Google quickly backed out of a partnership due to the surprise announcement, and now who knows where Adblock plus will get their ads. This is going to be one of a long series of strange moves that will eventually bankrupt the ad blocking industry. Read more on The Verge >> 

Google pushed back deadline for utilizing expanded text ads to January 31, 2017. They realized that launching an entirely new format during Q4 might hurt some ecommerce clients that, you know, make most of their revenue during Q4. One interesting aside, many search partners are not ready for the expanded ads. So if you only are running them, you’ll see a drop in search impressions. Usually there is no drop in clicks or conversions though (so, why enable search partners?). Read more on SearchEngineLand >>

Publicis is trying to consolidate its agencies into P&L’s by country versus P&L’s by agency brand. After a year, it has successfully done this for just the creative line of its business. Publicis is doing this because brands are realizing the vast amount of confusion and waste that is created within these huge holding companies. They also are demanding more transparency for when an agency recommends certain tech or creative solutions but the client later finds out that the hold company only recommends its own companies to clients and thus has an ulterior motive besides just the best solution to the problem. Read more on Adage >>

Bing and CBS Interactive have agreed to a partnership. Bing already serves ads on many of CBS’s properties, but this exclusive partnership will give Bing some additional scale on their search partner network. According to them, CBS is the world’s largest publisher of premium digital content, whatever premium means in this case. Read more on Bing Ads >>

It’s now a little easy to give folks access to an AdWords account. One email can log into up to 5 accounts and you no longer have to confirm user access after granting it to them. Read more on SearchEngineLand >>

LinkedIn added conversion tracking to its campaign manager console. Most folks have used Analytics to track conversions in LinkedIn. Conversion tracking will make it easier to measure the ROI of and optimize performance in LinkedIn. Read more on Social Media Examiner >>

The 2017 State of PPC Report has arrived! Every year we publish this report with the mission of educating the PPC community with a resource, guide, and predictive analysis of the industry’s general attitude, plans and outlook for the next year. While respondents vary by year for each State of PPC survey, we took special steps this year to reach more brands, more executives, and have a better representation of verticals to fully capture the PPC community, and the results speak for themselves. Read more on the State of PPC 2016-2017 >>