August 19th, 2016

Cut To The Chase [Volume 14]: PPC News From The Desk Of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

By Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenUT)

Keyword Planner data is being suppressed for low spend accounts. I think this hurts SEO folks more than Paid Search, since those in Paid Search know how unreliable the data has always been. Google claims the move was because of bots using the tool. Read More on PPC Hero>>

Pinterest released video ads. Their unique angle is to show a preview, animate when a user scrolls, and then only play the video if a user selects the close-up option. It’s less intrusive than other video ads, and gets engaging content into a demo that spends money. Video is important. And will get more important over the next 24 months. Read more on QZ>>

The new AdWords interface is rolling out. Most of you won’t care. But us geeks love this stuff. My guess is two weeks from now we’ll all be complaining about it again. Read More on Adage>>

Health Score for AdWords accounts is being tested. We’ve always known there was an account level Quality Score but never had visibility into it. It hasn’t rolled out to everyone, so check the opportunities tab to see if you have access. The score works like a grader, giving you recommendations for how to improve it. Read More on Search Engine Land>>

Device options for automated bidding in AdWords are now yours. This is helpful for folks who like the AdWords automated bidding tools but have different values for sales/leads generated on mobile versus desktop devices. Read More on PPC Hero>>

Being anti-competitive is bad. 1-800-Contacts is being sued by the FTC for anti-competitive practices after agreeing to not bid on competitors’ terms. The main issue was that the agreements were too broad, not just that they agreed to not bid on trademarked terms. The odd thing is that the FTC has waited years before acting. Read More on Search Engine Land>>

Facebook figured out how to stop ad blockers! Then the ad blockers quickly figured out how to get around Facebook. In the continued fight between publishers and consumers, those who focus on content and building value are those who will win. Not those who focus on developing tech for or against ad blocking. Read More on Business Insider>>