May 25th, 2016

Cut To The Chase [Volume 11]: PPC News From The Desk of Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen | President at Hanapin Marketing | @JeffAllenUT

By Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenUT)

Attribution models are now available within AdWords for high volume advertisers. Attribution becomes more important as advertisers diversify marketing channels and consumers engage with content on more devices. The new tool is a good basic approach to attribution. The cool thing about it is it will automatically optimize bids based on the model you select, if you are using automated bidding. The downside is automated bidding isn’t always very good. Read More on PPC Hero>>

Facebook Lead Ads allow folks to engage with your ad on Facebook, get their contact information through a simple form, all while still on the Facebook app. They can then go back to watching videos of puppies. It’s a similar concept to what Twitter has, but includes better integrations with API’s and CRM’s with larger reach. Read more on PPC Hero>>

Voice Search is reaching inflection point. 20% of searches on Google are now voice queries: Read More on The SEM Post. Bing reports that 24% of their search queries are voice: Read More on surefire. In the short run, this is requiring new thinking on keywords, since voice searches use more natural and longer language. In the long run, this will lead us to keywordless search where you bid on intent, context, demographics, and psychographics.

Google announced Google assistant and Google Home at I/O. Assistant is the AI that will power devices like Home (much like Alexa powers the Amazon Echo). Assistant will get embedded in all sorts of IoT devices, which will start to understand us and what we’re asking for, eventually reading our minds and ordering what we want for dinner before we even realize what we want for dinner (probably not, but maybe). Read More on Google>>

Speaking of IoT (internet of things), it is projected to be a $4-$11 trillion market by 2025. The bulk of that value will be connected to factories and cities, but there will be plenty of advertising and sales opportunities amongst devices connected to people, retail operations, vehicles, and home appliances and devices. New strategies and ad formats will need to catch up with inventory, but it’s safe to say that smart companies like Google (see Google Home above) will figure out a way to get our ads placed in front of the right people on the right products. Read More on Atlas>>

Speaking of new ad formats I suggested that by the end of 2017, ad blocking won’t be a thing anymore (or at least not an important thing). The Washington Post just released a new ad format that loads super fast, is engaging, and allows folks to consume engaging and relevant ads and then go right back to what they were reading. Innovative ad formats like this are what will kill ad blockers (not putting up walls around content, if people enable ad blockers). Read More on the Wall Street Journal>>

Other new ad formats may include rumored expanded text ads that Hanapin can neither confirm nor deny. (*Sidenote – this was written right before the Google announcement, so I guess we can confirm that now!) Read More on Search Engine Land>>

Gboard brings images and gifs straight to your keyboard. They released an app for the iPhone that allows you to search through your keyboard, including finding gifs to annoy your favorite friends. The genius behind this is, it gets Google integrated into every social app you use. They are mitigating risk of folks shifting to Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat for information, and integrating themselves right into that experience. There are no ads in the search results, but there certainly will be within 12 months. Read More on Google’s Blog>>

Virtual Reality seems to be all the buzz right now. Marketing Land wrote an interesting piece on how it’s going to save the digital advertising industry. Which is interesting since digital budgets are growing as fast as ever. Doesn’t seem like the industry needs saving. Read More on Marketing Land>>

We released our Q1 2016 Search Marketing Report slast week. Ecommerce is seeing big ROAS gains and CPC’s aren’t skyrocketing as everyone keeps saying they are. Get the Report>>