October 30th, 2012

9 PPC Tips to Live by in November

Hanapin Marketing | | @Hanapin

This is Jeff Allen, Hanapin Marketing’s  PPC Account Director. He’s put together some quick PPC tips for your November PPC fix.

1) Bid based on per visit value instead of CPL, CPA, CPC, etc.
2) Conclude experiments. Don’t leave things hanging, decide if it worked or not and take the appropriate action.
3) Don’t get too caught up in what someone else thinks works.
4) Do many, many campaign level negatives for seasonal terms, such as Olympics, so you don’t unexpectedly pick up that traffic.
5) Spend half of your time on strategy and spend the other half on actual PPC tasks.
6) Build templates for your campaigns and ad groups. This way you can add new keywords quickly and in a way you know works.
7) Spend as much time doing conversion rate optimization as you do with pre-click activities.
8 ) Use the time segment on a campaign, ad group, or keyword view to see quick trends week-over-week or month-over-month.
9) Reassure yourself that it’s okay to do worse in order to get better (restructuring an account).

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